Wisdom teeth are at the rear of both sides of the mouth, upper and lower jaw. They generally emerge in early adulthood but they can sometimes provide problems. At United Dental Care we are aware of occasions when wisdom teeth are best removed to prevent their causing problems to adjacent teeth. Removal does not cause any problems in terms of eating yet it is not as simple a procedure as extracting a loose tooth elsewhere in the mouth.
Better Out than In
At times patients need wisdom teeth removed because there is insufficient room in the mouth, either jaw. They can be difficult to clean at times anyway. Alarm bells ring if patients experience swelling, pain or difficulty in swallowing. The answer is often to remove wisdom teeth and it is effectively a surgical operation, albeit fairly minor.
Properly Qualified Dentists
This is work that must be done by dentists qualified to do so; at United Dental Care that is no problem. Prior to the extraction patients can opt for a local anesthetic so that the tooth can be extracted without any pain. After the operation a few stitches will be inserted into the gum. It will take a few days for the gum to settle down; there may be a little bleeding but painkillers will be prescribed so that there is minimal discomfort.
After Care
It is advisable to eat soft foods for a few days and if we prescribe antibiotics to leave alcohol alone during the short period of taking them. That is for just a short period although the gums may take up to a month to heal completely.
At United Dental Care we discuss everything with our patients. We will advise them on a course of treatment and give reasons for our recommendations. Today’s dentistry is effectively pain free although as in the case of removing wisdom teeth we will use injections or local anesthetic before starting the work.