Periodontal diseases need immediate attention. If you are like those careless people who ignore bleeding gums, then you must know more about periodontal diseases. These are gums related diseases caused by bacterial infections. These infections in your gums need to be tended to as fast as possible because they can affect jawbone structure, result in loosening of teeth and many other diseases. Periodontal infections are the diseases related to gums, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament. If gums infections are not treated early they spread and affect all supporting tissues around the teeth to the roots. Some dental research studies have revealed that gum diseases are so detrimental to health that they can cause heart diseases, facilitate the occurring of strokes resulting from blocked arteries and diabetes. In many cases periodontal diseases might lead to poor lungs health and respiratory diseases.

Causes of Periodontal Diseases:

Here are some major causes of periodontal diseases:

  • Dental plaque bacteria
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Build-up of calculus on teeth
  • Stress and hormonal imbalance
  • Grinding your teeth and clenching them tightly
  • Genetic factors also count as some people are more likely to have gum diseases than others.
  • Smoking can also facilitate the development of periodontal diseases. If you already have periodontal issues smoking habits will increase the severity of your disease.
  • Braces and crowded teeth are more likely to facilitate the development of periodontal diseases.
  • Diseases and poor nutrition: diabetic patients fall prey to periodontal diseases faster than healthy individuals. Malnutrition, dependence on fast food and deficiency of vitamin C also cause this disease.

Regular brushing of teeth, visits to the dentist and maintaining oral hygiene can easily prevent periodontal diseases. You can also rely on tartar preventing tooth pastes to help you in controlling periodontal development.

Visit Periodontist:

If you have bleeding gums, loose teeth and swollen gums you must visit periodontist for diagnosis and treatment of expected periodontics. An indication of periodontics is puffy and reddish gums, swelling around the gums, bleeding during brushing and loosening of teeth. Periodontists at United Dental Care center are experienced and qualified for the treatment of Periodontal diseases. They will diagnose the stage and nature of your problem and provide advice for the most suitable treatment. Contact us today to arrange for your first visit.