Everyone used to be worried about a visit to the dentist. Even the sound of a drill made people in the waiting room apprehensive. The good news is that these days there is no cause for alarm, certainly at United Dental Care where we make sure that every visit is pain free. We check every patient’s medical history before using any medication. In the vast majority of cases where intravenous sedation is recommended it can be used without any concerns.
Sedation comes in several forms:
Patients can be given tablets though it is sometimes difficult to calculate dosage.
Alternatively they can breathe through a nasal mask providing nitrous oxide and oxygen
Intravenous sedation involves injecting the part of the mouth that is going to be treated.
Patients will relax under sedation; their anxieties slip away and at the end of treatment they will wonder what their fears were all about.  They may not even remember the details of the work the dentist has done. The drug administered gets into the patient’s blood stream but it has no lasting effect. A slight pin prick will be the only thing a patient will feel as the drug is injected into their body.
At United Dental Care we realize that patients need to relax but we will not give any of them too much drug. It will be enough to produce the desired effect. We want to encourage everyone to regard their dentists as friends looking after their welfare. Patients that have a positive experience are important to us and they are likely to have problem free teeth if they visit us regularly. They will do so if they can relax; intravenous sedation is one of the means to guarantee that.