Implant-retained Dentures

United Dental Care has built a reputation for advising patients on the best solution to their dental problems. Those who have missing teeth but with loose teeth either side may not be suitable for bridges. The solution in this case is often to provide implants that can act as anchors to a denture to fill those gaps. Treatment does take many weeks from start to finish but the results are always worth it.
On many occasions patients need extractions anyway and after a complete checkup we will advise on a permanent solution to a patient’s problems. Loose teeth within diseased gums will not last and it is highly unlikely that the problems can be reversed. As long as the jaw is capable of taking an implant the course of treatment begins with any extractions that are necessary.
Gums need time to heal afterward before the impression for a permanent solution is taken. They will need time once again between drilling, the insertion of the small screw into the jaw and the implant fusing correctly with the jaw. The screw effectively acts as the root and once that fusion is completed the permanent crowns that will anchor either end of the denture are fitted on to the screws.
The advantage of using dentures is that fewer implants are needed yet patients will have a permanent solution to their problems.
Laboratory Design
Our laboratory works all the while during your treatment making the permanent dentures. Our dentist takes an impression which is used to make the porcelain denture which can still be modified if any slight adjustments are required once the implant treatment is completed. Patients must then realize that the future is important. They must brush their teeth regularly. They will not decay but gum disease is still possible and that can result in further problems. We will be happy to see patients regularly after having had such treatment to ensure their mouths are still in good condition.

Implant secured dentures are secure, allowing patients to eat what they wish, speak normally and smile with confidence. After just a very short period of adjustment patients will not even know they have a denture. There are no adhesives required either.
At United Dental Care we are proud of the number of patients we have helped in this way. They each have a permanent solution to their problems and regular checks with us allow us to ensure their dental health is in good hands.