Implant Dentistry in Ontario CA:

Have you lost your tooth or a few teeth? Be it due to accidental injury, a disease or some other reason. Don’t worry as Implant dentistry in Ontorio CA is the best choice for people with missing teeth. Through dental implants, your smile and oral health both can be rejuvenated.  

What is Dental Implant?

Implant is a synthetic tooth root which is placed into patient’s jaw for holding the replacement tooth. Teeth attached to it look natural and hence bring the patient’s worthy smile back.

Dental implants (usually of titanium) provide fixed solution to having detachable complete or partial dentures (removable frame holding one’s artificial teeth.)  Its Periodontist’s working domain to do implant dentistry. The strength, stability and durability resulting of implant dentistry lasts for years. However, patients keep visiting their dentists for implants re-tightening or replacement which may be required due to normal wear.

Types of Dental Implants:

  1. Endosteal (in the bone)
  2. Subperiosteal (on the bone)

What Implant Dentistry Involves?

Process of dental implants needs you to show great patience as it requires several months for complete treatment. You may have to make number of visits to your dentist; sometimes scheduled and other times may be because of any emergency like swelling, loosening of implant or denture.

After X-rays, impressions of patient’s teeth and jaw are taken which in dentistry are termed as molds. This is to determine the condition of gum tissues, bones and how much spacing is available for implant(s). For the reason that healthy gum tissues and adequate bone in patient’s jaw are must-have for dental implant treatment. There must be no periodontal disease or else, it would be difficult to carry out dental implant procedure.

Once conditions are favorable, implant is then surgically embedded into the bone and allowed to integrate itself for about six months minimally. Otherwise, it may not heal well and cause problems later on. Patient may need to go through second surgery for placing the ‘post’; it depends on type of the implant used. In some implants anchor and post are already attached and fixed along with.

Numerous fittings are needed afterwards which may take one or two months. For excellent dental implants fitting and stability, keep checking on with our experts at United Dental Care.

Your new implant requires extra care, so keep it comfortable by following the instructions of your dentist.

Dental Implants Helps in:

  1. Replacing missing tooth without affecting the adjacent ones
  2. Easing bite problems and joint pain because of teeth shifting to missing tooth place.
  3. Supporting dentures and making them more comfortable and secure
  4. Restoring patient’s speech and chewing power
  5. Enhancing the facial tissues
  6. Above all it aids in resorting patient’s assertive smile back.

Experts of Implant dentistry in Ontorio CA follow the same procedure digitally. With full care, these qualified dentists execute the dental implants process and follow up the patient’s dental conditions for months to avoid any future problem.