How to Care For Your New Braces

When you have problems with your teeth because it is misaligned or not straight, you will need to have braces especially when the dentist requires you to have one. There are so many dental services that people like you would want to have, and these braces are pretty amazing because it can really correct your crooked teeth but the one thing you should always remember having braces is to know how to care for it. You should know its caring tips because it can make a difference to your braces especially that you will be wearing it for a few months or years depending on the severity of your teeth. So how do you take care of your braces?


First is for you to know what kind of food to eat and not. You should stick and eat foods that do not require you to chew too much especially during the first few days of wearing your braces. You should try eating soup, mashed potatoes, and the like. You should be careful with hard foods because it can break your braces and can stick inside the wires that will be very difficult to remove on your own. Another important key factor for you to also remember is to minimize sweets and other sugary foods and avoid taking in foods that might discolor your teeth as well as your braces like fruit punch and coffee.


In terms of cleaning your braces as well as you teeth, you have to start by brushing two to three times a day. You can even brush right after you eat any time of the day. You also have to brush your teeth at a minimum time of two minutes. In this way, you will be able to get the braces and the wire. Next is to floss. With the use of the floss string, thread it and push it down under the braces’ wires in between the brackets. You have to keep in mind to floss every single tooth in your mouth. There are also specialized brushes that you can use for the wires of your braces that are very easy to handle. And lastly, use mouthwash to prevent plaques and bad breath. These tips are very simple. It will be up to you to follow but remember to do it because it will be for your own good as well as for your braces.