How Dentists Can Make Kids More Comfortable

There is no doubt that oral hygiene should begin as soon as possible. Everyone loses baby teeth but the next set are for life. The human body does not keep on replacing teeth as happens in the wild; elephants and sharks are prime example of creatures that replace lost teeth time and again. It follows that everyone should buy into the idea of dental care when they are young and continue to consider it a priority for the rest of their lives.

Parental Role

Parents obviously have a big role to play because they are the ones that can check on a daily basis that their kids are brushing their teeth regularly, at least first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Dentists are the source of advice. They will want to see everyone in the family regularly and need to build up trust so that their advice is followed.


Everyone has a different method of building trust and communicating. When it comes to kids and the dentist wanting them to feel more comfortable the process begins with personality but dentists specializing with children, paediatrics, will have graduated before continuing to study that particular branch of dentistry. In many cases the dentist will try to explain dental care to kids with their parents present. It does not require scare tactics to get kids to understand the difference between a nice bright smile and a mouth with various missing teeth due to lack of care.


In today’s world kids seem to grow up quicker or at least through television, film and the social media come across celebrities which they would aspire to match. Few of them appear to have dental problems even if they have had to spend a great deal of money in restoring a faultless smile.


It is so much better to prevent problems happening in the first place. A good dentist will explain to kids that regular brushing, flossing and using a mouthwash protects their mouths from the build-up of bacteria and plaque both of which are intent on attacking teeth causing cavities and decay. A dentist who gets to know his or her patients because of their regular visits may use different approaches with different personalities to get them to follow best practice. It is a skill that most people have to develop in their relationships and one that dentists need in abundance at times.