Dental Implants at Ontario

Although maintaining a good oral hygiene is emphasized upon many times by dentists at Dental Implants Ontario, CA but sometimes due to a tooth injury, severe tooth decay or some other reason, a person loses teeth. Dental implants refer to an artificial tooth root that is placed in the jaw in replacement of previous tooth or to hold bridge. The synthetic tooth root is mostly made of titanium. The tooth can either be a temporary or permanent one. Generally the permanent tooth is more stable than the temporary one.

Dental Implant procedure:

The process is a collective effort between you and your dentist. Before dental implant, a dentist has to make sure that you have healthy gums that are free of any infection. The dentist will then make a treatment plan comprising of the appropriate measurements to be taken for a successful implant.

Single Implant: If only one tooth has to be replaced then one implant and a crown will successfully replace that

Multiple Implants: In order to carry out surgery for multiple implants, implant-supported bridges are the solution to replace them.

Replacement of all the teeth: A full denture or implant-supported full bridge replaces all the missing teeth in the mouth.

Sinus Augmentation: For an implant to be successful, quality and quantity of the bone are the most crucial factors to be considered. While the lower jaw is relatively easy, the upper jaw is more difficult to handle the reason being it is closer to sinus and has lesser quantity and quality of the bone. Sinus augmentation in such a situation helps in raising the sinus floor and further developing the bone so that dental implants can be successfully placed.

Ridge mortification: Any deformity present in the upper or lower jaw leaves a dentist with less or insufficient bone and makes dental implant a complicated process. Therefore, the gum is raised from the ridge to expose the bony effect. The deformity is then filled with a bone substitute so that a bridge is built. Ridge mortification has been proven to improve the appearance and increase the chances of a successful implant that has more life span.

Maintenance afterwards:

Recovery time usually depends on your overall medical health. Once the dental implant procedure is successfully carried out, it is imperative that a patient makes it certain that the area is kept clean and free of any infection. Dental implants need to be taken extra care of. In order to make sure that they do not get plaque, professional cleaning is essential. It is recommended to always go to a professional orthodontist like at Dental Implants Ontario, CA with ample experience so that there are higher chances of a successful implant that stays longer and healthy.