Are Professional Laser Teeth Whitening Techniques Better?

White teeth don’t always come naturally. Indeed it takes a great deal of care to keep teeth white. The problem is the food and drink that everyone needs to live comes into contact with all the teeth on a daily basis. They can stain teeth and for smokers the problem is even greater. Some people are more fortunate than others and realistically the ‘Hollywood Smile’, gleaming white is often a myth and would look completely unnatural anyway. That is not to say that natural white teeth are not an aspiration for everyone, even if in achieving it something unnatural is used.


It is perhaps wrong to say unnatural because cleaning is a natural activity. There are different methods used for whitening teeth with laser treatment probably the most popular. There are well known toothpaste brands that claim to whiten teeth by removing stains on the surface of those teeth, stains caused by such things as red wine or coffee. However the real comparisons should be between teeth whitening kits that people can use at home, often after initial treatment at the dentist and laser treatment at the dentist done professionally.


Laser treatment requires a bleaching agent and that agent is an important factor in how good the treatment will be. Although some salons now offer whitening treatment it is essential to go to a dental practice to have the work done. It generally takes two or three sessions of anything up to 20 minutes to produce the desired results though it is important to realize this will only be effective on natural teeth.

The Alternative

Dentists will monitor their patients who opt to do the work at home using a tray and whitening agent. The tray must be worn for periods ranging from half an hour a time to overnight. The bleach is a peroxide which is safe for use. Anyone opting to do this at least gets dentist monitoring. It is unwise to do anything without your dentist being involved at all.

Teeth are precious. Everyone gets just one set after losing their baby teeth. It makes sense to look after them properly and to have them looking as white and healthy as possible. Logically it is your local dentist who is trained in oral procedures who should be in charge of everything to do with your oral hygiene and that includes whitening, primarily by laser treatment.